Founded in 2010, HOANG KIM NGUYEN EXIM CO., LTD (HKN EXIM CO., LTD has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Waste Agriculture products in Vietnam.

Our main fields of expertise include:


* Wood product

* Cashew product

* Animal feed


Our services of timely performance, quality control and logistics management have met up to their global standards and ensured consistent relationships.


What we offer


* Wood product:    Wood pellet, Wood sawdust, Wood shaving and Wood powder

* Cashew:                   Raw cashew husk, Cashew husk powder, Raw cashew shell

* Animal feed:     Sugarcane bagasse, Corn Silage, Corn corb meal, Tapioca residue powder, Tapioca residue pellet and Brewer grain powder


Why us


* Dedicated, Experienced and Hardworking Team, that ensures fulfillment of commitments with all business partners.

* In depth knowledge of Markets and Commodities handled.

* Wide spread presence.

* Emphasis on enduring customer relationship with all business partners.

* Strong in shipping & logistics in the products we are dealing.